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Have you ever seen the movie The Fountainhead? It's based on the book by Ayn Rand. Truly a classic and I highly recommend you watch it.

In the infamous courtroom scene, the main character Howard Roark talks about the single individual’s passionate urge to invent and create, the urge that relentlessly drives humankind forward. He contrasts this almost ardent desire with an embedded human trait that fervently strives to kill innovation and individual glory.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, dare-devils, creators, and dreamers. They are the job creators, problem-solvers, and people who take their own ideas, apply them to the world and say "I will make this place better for someone out there".

Everyday, I get to help entrepreneurs bring their story to life in a book. We do it because I feel it is the single greatest way for an entrepreneur to be seen and heard. To me, nothing is as attractive as a true, authentic, and compelling story. And that, my fellow DreamStarters, is why you should be using your story to attract the attention your brand deserves.

Pay close attention to the entrepreneurs seen below. Each of their stories, passions, and creativity, will drive humankind forward now and in the years to come.

Their stories are about to be heard.

Left to right (author name - book title)

Shawna Ayumi - Walk Your Own Way

Carlos Hernandez - Built From Nothing

Olga Szakal - The Mid-Life Crisis Blessing

Jesse Sink - Burned To Life

DreamStarters - mike fallat-

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write books in 30 days & Attract Attention

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