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Your destiny chooses you, so listen up.

When my first business idea failed in 2009, people asked me all about the experience. They asked such questions as "How much did you lose?", "What caused it to fail?", and "What are you going to do now?". I found it very interesting how shocked people were that a startup business failed, since starting a business is one of the riskiest careers paths a person can choose. Roughly 80% of startups will not make it to year 5. Most people would have given up after losing $10K on a business venture and got a job doing something they hated for the rest of their life. If you are an entrepreneur, you know this is not an option.

Risk is not for the feint of heart. It's for the people that want to sit at the big table, with their own skin in the game, hoping to do what most people only dream of doing: create something amazing from nothing.

For an entrepreneur, how they earn money and what they do every day is just as important as how much money they earn. I believe entrepreneurs listen to their gut instinct more than most. This is because if you listen to the little man or woman inside of you, then you really don't have a choice. You know what you have to do.

One of my all-time favorite movies, Rounders, captures this perfectly. There is a scene where Mike Mcdermott (Matt Damon) meets with his friend to talk about their past and the choices they have made. The judge explains to Mike on how he fell in love with the law. Mike then asks "Knowing what happened, would you make the same choices?"

The judge answers "What choice, our destiny chooses us". See it below.

If you're fortunate enough to know what you want our of life, then congrats because that's half the battle. The real entrepreneurs of the world don't have a choice. There is no compromise. They will make it happen or die trying.

Making the right decisions in the startup world is difficult. The "unknowns" far exceed the "knowns" and your resources are very limited. It wasn't until my 4th business and approximately 80K spent that I was able to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and sucessfully run a profitable company.

If I would have done the socially acceptable thing and given up after failed business 1 through 3, then I would never deserve a seat at the big table someday. Statistics show roughly 46% of startup businesses fail because of incompetance and lack of understanding how a business is run. It's our goal to decrease that number.

That's what Dream Starters is all about - to help the dreamers of the world get to the big table, too. We are a collection of business consultants that have done it all before... and never want to stop. If you have the entrepreneurial dream, but don't know where to start, contact us today.

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