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Who is the hero of your story?


Every great story has 3 main parts: 1) A Hero, 2) Struggle, and 3) A Resolution.

I say that phrase over and over to remind myself what really matters when I write. To tell a compelling story, you have to identify WHO the hero is from the very beginning.

Remember, the hero of a story doesn't have to be the central character. I've realized that a hero can take on any shape or size. It can be the author, the teller, the customer, the product, the service, the location, the energy, the belief, the timing, or the business. It can be any of those and much more.

The goal should be to get the audience/readers to see the story through the eyes of the hero. Then, and only then, can they care enough to involve their hearts. Stories that do not invoke emotion are never retold, let alone remembered.

The lessons learned from writing can transcend to other channels and outlets. Whether it's in a blog, a facebook live, youtube video, Instagram live, social media post, it's all just storytelling.

Are you the hero of your story? Is it your business? Is it your service? Or is it the readers?

My message is this: DEFINE THE HERO AND GET THE AUDIENCE TO KNOW IT/HIM/HER VERY WELL. Otherwise, it will never great.

What's the point of telling a story if it's easily forgotten? Tell a great story.


Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write and publish bestselling books. Then, teaches them how to use it as the ultimate marketing tool.

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