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Ghostwriter One

As you may know, a ghostwriter is suppose to remain hidden.  It's part of the magic.

It is for that reason G1's true identity will never be known.  The picture featured to the left is of our marketing officer.  She helps with the direction of the book, but the real Ghostwriter is tucked away in the mountains writing non-stop.  She is known to average 5,000 words per day and goes by many different pen names.  There is a very good chance that you have seen her books in your local book stores and possibly even own one of her books already.  Having written over 45+ books personally (under different pen names), she resides in California with her husband and dog.

G1 is born to write and is ready to help bring your story to life.

Ghostwriter Two

G2 is a business writer at heart.  Just as in the case of G1, G2's true identity will never be known.  The woman featured to the right is not G2.  That is a woman in our marketing department.


Part of the magic in our company is the system in place.  You contact us, meet with Mike Fallat, he interviews you, gives direction of book, and sends info to the ghostwriter for it to be written.

G2 is the wizard behind the curtain who makes the story come to life on paper.  She doesn't want to see anyone, talk to anyone, or be distracted in anyway possible.  She loves to write.  It's her gift.

Let her use the magic within to help bring your story to life.  She's got courage, heart, and brains.  That combination makes the perfect writer!

About-us | Mike Fallat's DreamStarters University
And The Rest Of The Team
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