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Ben Rife will be showing you how to use the ultimate tool - the phone, to do more and sell more, while spending less time and money.

​Ben Rife is President/CEO/Founder of Bullfrog Group, LLC. Ben and his company work with small and mid-sized businesses across the country to turn the desk phone into a revenue generating, productivity driving, and cost cutting tool. Bullfrog for Business does this as the “Next Generation Business Phone System” by leveraging mobile phones and desktops to deliver the latest UC features, such as audio and video conferencing, desktop and file sharing, and instant messaging and presence. Bullfrog has also made the INC 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America.

Get a copy of his book today at

Check out the foreword below. It is by the serial entrepreneur JACK DALY!!!!

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write books in 30 days. Then, teaches them how to use it as the ultimate marketing tool.

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