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Nothing gets my attention like a true story. Sure, I am drawn to pretty girls, old cars, and amazing brands, but nothing means more to me than stories that are TRUE.

I help people tell their stories to give them an advantage against their competition. I help people tell their stories to give them a platform to help others. I help people tell their story in a book to get attention, credibility, and leverage.

What does all of that come down to? These people are building their own BRAND. And the way to build a brand is to relate your story to others. Your viewpoints, beliefs, experiences, expertise, and story needs to be known if you want others to care. In the end, your own personal brand should be something people care about. The way to make people care about it is by making it theirs too.

#STARTEDFROMZERO has changed my business because it is a brand that says "MY STORY IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PIECE ABOUT ME, SO I AM PROUD TO SHARE IT". With that being said, that brand message resonates with people who think like I do. In the end, it is not my brand. It is OUR brand.

When you are prepping to build your own personal brand, remember the all-important rule: You are not building it for you. You are building it for others.

It doesn't happen overnight. No great brand ever does. It takes time. Your own personal brand and story has no dead-ends. It's ongoing. It's a lifelong mission.

Use time to your advantage because that's how all the greats do it.

You want attention? Make sure you don't hide the most attractive piece about you - YOUR STORY.

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs bring their story to life in a book in 30 days.


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