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Today, Mike Fallat is going to teach you about the importance of a website.

A website is basically a resume for anyone to see, and a chance to win over potential clients.

1. Put the problem that you're solving at the very top. Don't let your audience guess about you're purpose, make it blunt, make it simple, make it obvious.

2. Interaction. You HAVE to interact with your audience and get their attention. Broadcast your website's link EVERYWHERE. Hand it out like it's free candy!

3. Give something away for free! You got them to your site, but now how do you keep them there? Offer them something, no strings attached! The word free will catch anyone's attention, and most people scoop all the freebies they find! It gives them a chance to get a "taste" of your brand!

See video above for more information.

Get started from zero today through DreamStarters with a book written and marketed in 30 DAYS OR LESS.

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