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The Connection Between Yoga and Building Your BRAND

In this video, Mike Fallat is going to show you how you can use lessons from yoga to build a better and stronger brand.

In the beginning of trying anything new, there is endless discomfort, but what comes out of the pain will be worth every moment of it.

Building a brand is like yoga in that it's all about pain, effort, patience, consistency, and reward.

Yoga can help you start to walk better, stronger... Trying new things and taking advantage of the time you have now will help your brand do the same.

The longer you wait, the more pain and discomfort there will be. Start today, or your masterpiece will be waiting right along with you.

Let Dreamstarters help you tackle the pose you haven't yet by getting a book written through us in 30 DAYS OR LESS!

"We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain."

Alan Watts

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