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How To Manufacture Celebrity Status For YOUR Business

Today, Mike Fallat is going to teach you a thing or two about the importance of manufacturing celebrity status to help your business grow and expand.

Start with creating a belief, a need to solves somebody's problem. From that point on, its all about consistency. Crave the attention that your company deserves, and make your audience know your business is worthy of it. Always have something to promote, whether it be a book signing, a new video, etc.. You need to make it obvious that you're offering something. Not even just obvious, you need to push the matter, you need to PROVE that you're service or product is worth buying!

Get started from zero today with Dreamstarters with a book in 30 DAYS OR LESS.


"In music, one doesn’t make the end of the composition the point of the composition. If that were so, the best conductors would be those who played fastest, and there would be composers who wrote only finales. People would go to concerts just to hear one crashing chord — and that’s the end!"

/Alan Watts

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