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5 Things Risky Business Teaches You About Business/Branding

Today, Mike Fallat's going to teach you how to apply 5 important lessons from the movie Risky Business to YOUR business!

#1 Solve Somebody's Problem. The higher the demand, the higher your business will RISE.

#2 Being Uncomfortable Is A Good Thing. It will shape you into the person you need to be to succeed. Uncomfortable Situations lead to GREATNESS.

#3 URGENCY. Apply urgency to your life. Find a way to learn how to independently and efficiently get your goals ACCOMPLISHED.

#4 Recognize YOUR Strengths. Everyone has their own, so you need to focus on YOURS. Developing a team that has skills in the roles you can't fill is VERY important, so that you can stay concentrated on YOUR strengths!

#5 The POWER of Salesmanship. You need to communicate with your audience and potential clients, they need to know you're real, that you're a living, breathing, human being. If you can't find a way to communicate with your audience, they're NOT going to communicate back!


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