10XGrowthCon Was Unreal

Last week, I was in Las Vegas for Grant Cardone's 10XGrowthCon. I was surrounded by 9,000 like-minded entrepreneurs who have one mission this year: TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS.

I was able to meet so many people that I would have never been able to meet otherwise. In addition, I was finally able to see many of my clients in person! You see, I work out of my Pittsburgh, PA and my clients are all over the world. We do our interviews over ZOOM and I never get to see them in person. So when there is an opportunity to meet many of them in one location (especially a place like Las Vegas), it means a great deal to me.

Within 3 days, I already had 15 meetings lined up for the next week. Entrepreneurs need attention... and nothing gets them attention like a book, like a story that resonates, like putting yourself out there to be judged.

If you want to bring your story to life in 30 days,

Here are pictures from the event -

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