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No matter how you slice it, starting points matter in business. People who build their own empire, business, and legacy are the ones who can change other people's lives.

Why is that? Because people pay attention to people who have overcome (atleast) the same odds as them.

Carlos Hernandez is the founder of Beauty & Beast Cuisine. He built the company from the ground up. Coming from a background of poverty, struggle, and addiction, Carlos made a change in his life and began pursuing a dream that everyone around him thought was impossible. Carlos met a woman who had a gift and convinced her that they had a unique opportunity of building their empire. Through vision and grit, he knew they could execute. Within 3 years, their business was grossing over 2 million dollars in sales. Beauty and Beast Cuisine is a Gluten free food system designed to help the masses achieve health and vitality.

Built from Nothing is a book for the entrepreneur who has dreams of creating their own empire. If you are on your own, don't come from wealth, or don't know who to turn to, this book will show you how I built a million dollar business from nothing. Entrepreneurs who built their own empire can relate to each other. We don't believe it until we see it for ourselves. Starting points, regardless of where you come from, matter in this world. Are you ready to start believing? Pick up this book and let's go to work.

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