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Choose Your Favorite Cover! #WalkYourOwnWay


shawna ayumi walk your own way  - mike fallat

Shawna Ayumi is the founder of Walk Your Own Way, a public speaker in Toastmasters International, author, and online business owner. Walk Your Own Way was formed when she discovered the real meaning behind her Japanese name "Ayumi", which strongly reflects her life story of how she stepped outside of her comfort zone in order to step into a fulfilling life. Shawna has a passion for impacting lives through health, wealth, and helping others find purpose through entrepreneurship.

She started from zero, hitting the lowest point in her life, and discovered her true potential after being fed up, and decided to walk her own way. She was introduced into the world of network marketing, which has been the stepping stone to overcoming her fears, discovering her true potential, and becoming an entrepreneur. Shawna also has a passion for Architecture, traveling, and spending time with her dog, Pepper.

Why do covers matter?

First impressions count. A concise, eye grabbing, and compelling cover is your first chance to stand out and be considered the one who deserves their attention. Immediately emphasizing your key strengths will help ‘sell you,’ grabbing the reader’s attention and increasing the likelihood of progression through the selection process for when a client chooses to do business with someone and/or pay attention to.

Walk Your Own Way will be out in February 2018. Are you ready to step into the life that you deserve?

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write books in 30 days and attract attention to their brand.

Be proud of your story - the most attractive part about you.


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