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Are you a 3%er?

There are a lot of talkers out there and not a lot of doers.

Did you know that 97% of writers never finish their book?

That makes me (and the entrepreneurs we help) part of the 3%! I'll take it!

Even more surprisingly, in a survey of 1,006 Americans, sponsored by a small Michigan publisher, almost equal numbers of people said they wanted to write a novel, a nonfiction work, a self-help book or a cookbook. Yet, less than 5% ever start one.

What does that mean?

It means many people want something. Few ever go after it. Even fewer ever accomplish it.

Now that it is 2018, my questions to you are these: Are you a doer? Are you finisher? Are you a 3%er? If you are, then it's going to be one helluva year.

2018... the most attractive year yet. Make it worth reading.

-Mike Fallat

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs bring their story to life in 30 days & attract attention.


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