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Being On Stage With Gary Vee


Can you answer the ultimate question: Who are you?

In your professional field, who are you? Maybe even more importantly, WHO KNOWS YOU? Do other professionals know who you are?

Take a second and Google yourself. Now, search for your name plus what you do. What do you see? If you don't see very much within your field, YOU NEED TO START MAKING SOME MOVES.

You need to become better at marketing yourself!

A man who knows how to market his company, his brand, himself, AND HIS BOOK is Anthony Lolli. Anthony owns Rapid Realty, one of the fastest growing companies in the USA.

And due to his ability to build relationships, he is now going to be a speaker alongside of GARY VAYNERCHUK next month.

You see, a book allows you to promote. It allows you to market your expertise. It gives you a reason to share your story.

In the end, people will only remember you by the stories that you share to them or the stories that someone shares about you.

My philosophy is simple - I hold the pen, so I can show people who I really am inside.

So, let me ask you that question again, who are you?

Good. Now, pick up your pen and show the world!

If you are interested in seeing Anthony and Gary speak at the event, get your tickets here:

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