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Merry Christmas DreamStarters!

mike-fallat-dreamstarters-started from zero-christmas

I hope Santa was good to you this year! By the look of Santa's eyes, it looks as if he was extra determined this year.

In the spirit of season, we would like to give away some free copies of the new book titled TRAINING TO WIN by LIGHTSPEED's CONSULTANT ZACHARY CONLEY.

If you are interested, please visit my FACEBOOK PAGE, and type "YES" on the TRAINING TO WIN post. I will choose the winners this week.

2018 is on it's way! I have a few big announcements in the upcoming weeks so I hope you are as excited as our mascot Palzy was when he took this picture.

Let's hit the ground running this year. More importantly, let's play the game this year with the mentality "PLAY TO WIN, OR DON'T PLAY AT ALL".

Are you ready to make it the best chapter yet?

Remember, you hold the pen, which gives you the power.

Your story is the most attractive part about you. Make sure the world sees. it.

Your story can't lose it's looks. Not unless you allow it.

Merry Christmas,

Mike Fallat


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