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There are dead-end jobs. There are dead-end relationships. There are dead-end ideas. But, there are no dead-end entrepreneurs.

The reason has to do with what we DO. We believe in ourselves even when no one else does. We fight for every inch. We take it to the limit each and every time. There is no end, there is only what is next.

When you stop growing, you start dying. I can't tell you how many times I have looked into a person's eyes and saw that drive for their career completely gone. The same goes for relationships - Some people in relationships grow in two different directions. Some never even grow. And if you are not growing, gravity will find a way to pull you down.

Vip Sandhir, founder and CEO of HighGround said it really well in an interview:

"Being a successful entrepreneur requires a great deal of resourcefulness, because as an entrepreneur, you often run into dead ends throughout the course of your career. You need to be able to bounce back from losses if you want to be successful. Know that there will be much more disappointment than progress when you first start off, and you need to have a short memory in order to put the past behind you quickly. It's imperative to stay optimistic when bad things happen."

When you hit a wall, just remember that it's only a test. Do you have what it takes to get over it? Do you have what it takes to go around it? Or do you have what it takes to knock it the hell down.

There are no dead-end entrepreneurs. Find a way.

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