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The Number One Reason People Buy (By Mike Fallat)

The number one reason people buy a product or service is to save time.
If it is a time-saver, it is very attractive, especially in today’s fast-paced life.
Cars, Computers, Lawnmowers, Phones, Book Writing Service (wink, wink), etc
Whatever will allow us to do more in a shorter amount of time is top reason people spend their hard-earned money.

If that is the top reason, then what do people look for in SALESPEOPLE?

I asked this question to everyone on my facebook pages / instagram pages and it was pretty incredible to see what everyone says.
You will see some words like TRUST, LIKE-MINDED, HONEST, and PROVEN. But, the one that kept popping up more than the others was AUTHENTIC.
Let's be honest, who wants fake anything? Women don't want fake diamonds and men don't want their women... to fake anything.
This week I was speaking with my client, Ryan Williams, who is an Entrepreneur and Navy Seal, and we were discussing the importance of authenticity. He mentioned how the human brain is able to decipher (without it being taught how to) what is real and fake about a person's persona in another person.
If it's so easily detected, then why do so many people do it? Well, I think it's because everyone wants to say the perfect words, stand the perfect way, and be viewed as perfect. Yet, that usually only leads to looking FAKE.
If I could offer one piece of advice on this glorious Friday, it would be this: Listen to the people on my facebook page - People want to buy from REAL people.
So as you put your story down on paper, or get up on stage to speak, or turn that camera on for a facebook live, real always wins.
Otherwise, you will be branded as FAKE. And fake people are spotted and dismissed eventually. SAVE EVERYONE'S TIME AND YOUR ENERGY. BE REAL. STAY REAL.
Write on,
Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write books and teaches them how to use it as their competitive advantage. Bring your story to life today at
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