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NEW BESTSELLER! Roadmap to a Million-Dollar Business.

Yesterday, one of our authors became a best-seller! Forever, he will be introduced as a best-selling author and that is something nobody can take away.

About Steve "Ruffcutt" Rawlins -

Starting his career in the transportation business in 1983 and never looking back, he went on to create and develop a portfolio of 5 companies that generated over 23.5 million in a period of 4 years. His work ethic, transparent honesty and down to earth approach to business makes him a stand out in any room. His passion to help others knows no boundaries. In 2011 he worked as Senior Business Analyst for an International Consulting firm. Enduring 3-4 flights per week doing analysis on numerous companies and has worked with numerous business owners that sought out his advice. He doesn’t hold anything back, which is why so many great entrepreneurs want to work with him. Taking roads less traveled he learned the hard way, on his own, and with his own money. The road to business can be an all-out fight to the finish and Steve “Ruffcutt” Rawlins knows how to keep the pedal to the metal delivering success after success.

Get a Free copy of his book at his website -

Do you want to bring your story to life in a book?

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