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What are you ATTRACTED to?

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Now that I am 33 years old, I know what I am attracted to: Pretty girls, Real Businesses, Old Cars, and True Stories. If you don't know what you are attracted to, then something is really wrong. I'll take that one step further, if you do not openly admit what you are attracted to, how will the universe know how to deliver it to you?

If I see any of those, my eyes are drawn to them. It's in my DNA. I can't change that. Not unless I get married, then I will have to change the 1st one of course :).

However, people think marketing is tough. In some ways, I guess it is. But, if you simplify it and break it down to it's basic format, then you can create a great strategy and take the steps to acquire what you seek. If your target audience is based on people who think like you, then it is very simple - Figure out the question WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO? THEN, CREATE THAT SAME VISION FOR YOUR AUDIENCE. Afterall, if you can't get attention, then you can't win in business.

Here is another way to look at it: If you were an event organizer, what would you be attracted to? A big audience and someone to promote, right? Who is someone worth promoting? The Answer - someone who has a big following, wrote a book, has a bestseller, owns a business, accomplished something great, did something inspiring, and is a good story teller. Simple, right? So become that!

if you were your clients, what are you attracted to? The Answer - being active, offering value, professionalism, entertainment, humor, your background, authenticity, being a part of something, etc.

If you were a successful business, what are you attracted to? The Answer: Other people and businesses that add value to your organization.

There is no secret sauce. None of this happens overnight and I am not saying it is necessarily easy, but it is very important to see everything from your TARGET'S perspective.

Reverse-engineer what you are attracted to. Reverse engineer what your target audience is attracted to. Reverse engineer what your dream business affiliates are attracted to. Then, do whatever your need to do to become the attracted.

Success needs to be seduced. I always believe that success is like the PRETTIEST GIRL IN THE BAR. In order to get her attention, you have to become the person in the room that holds the most value.

Become valuable and success will come over and say "hi".

Mike Fallat Helps Entrepreneurs Write Books.


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