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Dating as an Entrepreneur

Dating as an entrepreneur is very difficult. To succeed in business, your mind needs to be constantly pulling in one direction. And when something pulls you away from your business, you call that a distraction.

However, what about relationships and dating? A business built with nobody can actually be quite sad. After all, everyone wants to share time with someone else.

Since I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2008, I have found dating to be quite challenging in some areas and a little easier in others.

As you may know, entrepreneurs aren't your typical person. We eat, breathe and sleep our businesses all day everyday.. Entrepreneurs are responsible for their organizations ability to pay bills, pay employees, pay themselves and still generate a profit. There is almost no separation between them and their businesses and they are always working, even if that work is simply thinking about their business. However, there still needs to be balance, right?

The fact remains: Dating is tough as an entrepreneur. You are always evaluating your circle, progress, strengths, and weaknesses. And if you are with someone who doesn't do the same, it can be a bumpy road.

Of course, there are two sides to every coin. So, my question of the day is this: What is harder? Dating an entrepreneur or dating as an entrepreneur?

You see a lot of MLM relationships work because both people are in the industry. But what is it like for people who are not entrepreneurial dating someone who is?

I asked this question on social media and got an overwhelming response. Check out my facebook and instagram to see what they are saying.

In your own personal opinion, what do you think is harder? And what do you think needs to happen in order for a relationship to work? For it to really work out well, do both parties have to be on the same wave length and be entrepreneurial?

I would love to hear from you.

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