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The Killer of Entrepreneurial Dreams

mike fallat - entrepreneurial-dreams

Today, on Facebook, I asked a simple question: What KILLS most entrepreneurial dreams? Is it Kids,Relationships,Fear,or a decent Job?

I truly believe the thing that holds people back from pursuing their entrepreneurial passion is a job that is GOOD ENOUGH.

Good enough is a phrase we become accustomed to in life. That car I drive is good enough. That person I am dating is good enough. That house I live in is good enough.

Why settle for good enough? I want to get exactly what I want.

Entrepreneurship is something all career-driven individuals’ desire, yet only few are able to make to their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

When it comes to business success, there’s no cookie-cutter mold. It’s critical for entrepreneurs to continuously work on their mindset, since it is this that determines what actions to take.

While styles of entrepreneurs may vary, they share very similar mindsets. However, there are few mindsets that can cost you your dreams of entrepreneurship, if you let them.

In your opinion, what is the #1 Killer of Entrepreneurial Dreams?

Please write back and let me know (or go on my facebook page and comment).

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