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Most Startup Entrepreneurs Come From Money (according to stats)


Starting a business from the ground up requires more than just hard work. It requires mistakes. And unfortunately, those mistakes cost a lot of money. So, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that having money and connections (from the very beginning) makes it easier to get in the startup game and take big risks.

In an article featured in INC. Magazine, it highlights the chance of success goes up when you are born into wealth and connections.

In 2008, I threw my hat in the game and decided to make it HELL OR HIGH WATER. My family wasn't wealthy. And I had no connections. So, I had to play the game differently.

If you don't come from money and connections, you have to figure out another way to win - not the way the wealthy kids are playing it.

I love entrepreneurship because it allows a guy like me the ability to go anywhere and do anything with anyone. It's the ultimate vehicle.

What I learned is this: MY STORY IS MY ADVANTAGE. The fact that I don't come from money allows me to connect with everyone - especially the people who #startedfromzero like me.

My message is this: Use Your Story As Your Advantage. Write it down, publish it, promote it, share it, and tell it in books, social media and video. It doesn't matter where you come from, but it does matter where you end up.

Use your story, the right way, right now. After all. I find it is so much fun winning against the kids that were born with it all.

The next chapter is the only one that matters. Write on.


About Mike Fallat

Mike Fallat owns DreamStartes University which helps entrepreneurs write books and teaches them how to use it as a marketing tool. It makes the process very affordable for anyone from any background. Think of it as the Ford system of books publishing/marketing.


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