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Should Entrepreneurs Disclose Their Wealthy Beginnings?

born wealthy - entrepreneurs-disclose-their wealthy-beginnings-mike-fallat

If you inherited money and connections, do you have the right to teach people how to become wealthy?

I think this is something that needs to be discussed more openly.

I am seeing too many entrepreneurs on facebook and instagram (especially tech-related entrepreneurs), come from a background of wealth, connections, and money - yet they never disclose it. In my opinion, unless that is totally disclosed to the audience, it is fraud.

If you are teaching people how to do anything, your full, complete, and transparent story should be out in the open for everyone to see.

Being born with a million dollars or high level connections doesn't make you an expert. It makes you fortunate. Hiding from it, and then having others find out via diligent research, makes me sick to my stomach. If you are telling people on how to do something, you damn well better have done it yourself!

Before I hire any coach, I find out if they did exactly what I am setting out to do.

Remember, it's not a bad thing to be born into wealth. It never is!

What I am saying is hiding from it makes makes you less credible to me. It makes you seem like a con-artist. It makes you inauthentic.

I listen to Grant Cardone on how to start businesses from the ground up because he actually did it. I do not listen to Gary Vaynerchuk on starting a business because he inherited one. But, I will listen to him on social media advice and growing a business because he does that very well.

Before you hire anyone, find out their entire story. If you come from no money, find a person who came from no money and became wealthy. That's who will give you the most important advice.

If someone is hiding something from their past. If something doesn't make sense about their story. If you cannot connect the dots, something is not right. Trust your gut instinct, because it is usually right.

Ask the right questions and connect the dots. The answer always lies in one's complete, transparent, and authentic story.

Write on,


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