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How to Generate Leads With Media Exposure

Last week, I had the honor of being on the Lisa Lewis Radio Show in San Antonio, Texas. Lisa is heavily involved in the business scene and even gets to work with big names such as Gary Vaynerchuk.

In fact, she is hosting an event in August of 2018 headlining Gary Vee in Houston. If my schedule allows it, I will be there!


Anytime you have the opportunity to be in front of many people at once, you MUST make the most of it. You have to leverage that chance to its fullest (in any capacity).

What I love to do is offer a promo for the audience at hand. What I mean by that is offer some type of exclusive deal to his/her audience. That way, it increases the value of listening to that radio channel, podcast, video, tv show. As you may know, one thing I say to all my clients - BE VALUABLE TO VALUABLE PEOPLE. Make no mistake about it, any media exposure is valuable, so be valuable to them.

During the interview, I offered her listeners a free book if they went to a certain domain address -

That way, you are able to dissect the lead sources and figure out where and when you should spend your time. Should I do more shows? Should I do more events? Should I sponsor more podcasts? By figuring out where people are engaging and seeing you, you have an incredible magnifying glass on your business operations to understand what is exactly the best use of your time.

You can duplicate that system over and over and over again. (/radio , /podcast, /tv, /affiliate, /coreyfeldman, /margotrobbie) Do you get the picture?

Want to know the best part? You can reward people (financially) very easily for promoting your business if you choose. If they generate a sale, you can reward that media outlet/host with a bonus. Maybe they will invite you on more and more if you add value to their pocket :)

Case in point, DreamStarters will be working with many influencers on social media in 2018 that will be promoting our business via facebook and instagram. As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe in rewards and incentives. If you help someone get to where they want to go, you should be rewarded financially. If you want more of something from someone, reward them.

It all comes down to the right strategy, the right tools, and the right people. It all begins with a book.

Remember, the next chapter is all that matters. Write on.


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