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Radio Interview - Because of a Book


Today, I had the honor of being on THE LISA LEWIS SHOW. It was an honor to spend one hour with a Business Magnate Radio Show in San Antonio, Texas.

She asked me all about my journey, how we can help, and why we do what we do.

The recording will be available tomorrow.

How did I get interviewed on the radio? It's all because of a book. It's time to have your own!

About Lisa Lewis

The Lisa Lewis Show is a subsidiary of Lisa Lewis Company. We showcase real talk, real events, real value. Lisa Lewis is an American media proprietor, mother, special events host, international motivational speaker, and humanitarian. In this one hour provocative conversation, Lisa will share others' perspectives on creating a legacy, building sustainable wealth, writing/publishing books, becoming a business mogul, overcoming obstacles, and moving forward in victory. Audiences can connect with Lisa Lewis in this intimate setting, ask questions of movers and influencers, and shift mindsets in order to transform as the Game Changer in your life, your family, your community, and this amazing planet!

Your next chapter is all that matters. Write on.


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