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Congratulations to our client, Lyman Montgomery for becoming a #1 Amazon Bestseller today. His book is titled Focused Driven Lifestyle and it discusses 7 Strategies for Effective Solutions to Overcome Procrastination & Distractions.

His coahing programs can be seen all around the world and even featured on top media outlets such as CBS, NBC, and FOX news.


Due to a lack of focus, Lyman missed out on some great business opportunities and faced many setbacks until he decided to do something different. He learned to clear his mind and focus his energies on eliminating his debilitating beliefs and within a few weeks, he saw dramatic results; that was over twelve years ago.

The key to his success was having a life coach and learning how to build a long-term relationship that balanced work and family. He also helps others to recognize the difference between life counseling (uncovering emotional issues) and personal coaching. Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and Career Coaching are designed to help you develop a plan to achieve focused-driven results.

Since then becoming a certified lifestyle coach and Master Level NLP Practitioner (American Union of NLP) he has accomplished a lot. President of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC, a well sought-after conference speaker and consultant. He's been featured in several magazines such as Business Innovator Magazine and is the recipient of the prestigious Best Presenter and the Empowered Leader Award.

Lyman's Website


and learn how to focus like the pros.

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