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Apparel for BOOK-ies

Here is a fun fact for you: A BOOK HELPS YOU BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

Have you ever say down with a complete stranger, been on a date, or met someone at a networking event and started discussing a book both of you have read and enjoyed? Immediately, it creates a bond, right?

Books have a unique power in that aspect. And by writing your own book, you get to share your story and the lessons you want others to know. If the reader likes what they see, they will form somewhat of a bond with you, the author, without ever meeting you in person. Instantly, a relationship is formed.

Since business comes down to relationships, then the goal should be to figure out a way to bridge as many of them (with the right people) as often as possible.

This week, DreamStarters is proud to announce a relationship we have formed with an apparel company that sees things as we do. When you put on a shirt, dress a certain way, and put yourself out there, you are making a statement. Not only is it a way to express yourself, you are giving the world, the right people you want in your life, and the right opportunities to come to you instead of you going to them.

Are you a writer, a reader, or an entrepreneur? Then, we have something in common - Our stories have a purpose.

Keep reading. Keep writing. Most of all, keep building relationships with the right people.

Launching October 1st, the first 4 shirts. Email me, DM me on Instagram (@theDreamStarter) or on Facebook (Mike Fallat), and I will give you the code for an awesome discount. Hope to hear from you.

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