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Have you ever walked into a doctor's office with a pain, a problem, or a feeling that has been bothering you for a very long time, only to walk away with a prescription for a bottle of pills?

What usually happens?

Well, from what I have seen first hand, there are a few different probable outcomes:

1) People become dependent on the pills.

2) It simply masks the pain.

3) It causes a side effect.

4) And sometimes it works.

Because of seeing what the medical field has done to people very close to me, particularly my mom (who has MS and back issues for many years), I was very curious to help bring Dr. Christopher Richard's stories, REGENERATE YOUR BODY, to life in a book.

His philosophy is what I truly believe in: Diagnose and treat the problem, not the symptom.

Far too many people out there who make money off masking the symptom and not fixing the problem. To be clear, I am not against doctors in any way. I am against the people who are just glorified drug dealers.

Dr. Christopher Richards treats the patient. Diagnoses the problem causing the pain. And does what he can to fix it. He has done some amazing things for people who have been through very difficult situations. There are not too many people in the world who offer the services that he does. It's an honor to work with people, like him, who take the road less traveled.

His book is launching next week on Amazon.

It details 19 true stories of patients (with their names changed for privacy purposes) who have come to him in their darkest hours and he was able to help them get their lives back.

Do you know someone in pain? Are you looking to help get them off all the pills and prescribed medications? Maybe it's time to regenerate their body the right way.

I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Christopher Richards. His office is located in Nashville, TN.

Here is the INTRO to his book:

My journey to becoming one of the country’s leading neuropathy specialists began when I injured myself at the age of 22 while attending the University of California in Pennsylvania. Like most kids at that age, my goal was to play professional football in the NFL. It wasn’t until I'd broken two bones in my lower back that all my plans changed forever. I tried to get medical clearance to play, but my back injury stopped me from pursuing that dream.

The everyday pain began to affect me in ways I never thought it could. After college, my first move was to continue on a path towards becoming a personal trainer in Boston, Massachusetts. At the time, I thought I was young enough that my injury would heal on its own, and I could get back to normal life. Well, I was wrong.

I visited orthopedic surgeons, different doctors, and numerous specialists regarding a spinal fusion. However, nobody could tell me I was going to get better. In fact, they said there was a 20% chance of it healing back to normal on its own, and there was a 40% chance it would be worse if I got the surgery! Those numbers scared me, and they caused me to seek another option.

It was in my darkest hour I realized a chiropractor might be my best option. Since I had nothing to lose, I figured I might as well give it a shot. And to be honest, it might have been one of the greatest decisions I've ever made in my life. Within the first two weeks, I started to feel 100% better. Why had all the specialists and doctors given me such gloomy news, when a chiropractor was able to help me get back to normal in just two weeks?

This eye-opening experience not only put my health back in order and allowed me to begin playing sports again (including two years of world-class rugby), it also changed my decision about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

It showed me just how misinformed the public is when it comes to damaged nerves, joint education, spinal issues, and overall body pain. My mission became clear - to help people just as I had been helped.

I guess you could say health care has always been in my blood. My brother is a pharmacist, my mom ran a hospital as the director, my aunt is a nurse, and my grandmother was also a nurse. For me to tell them I was choosing chiropractic therapy and neuropathy as the focus of my life was a big deal. As you may have guessed, I have a very different philosophy about how to treat people’s pain compared to their philosophies. The best way to explain this difference is this: they were taught to treat the symptom, while I believe in treating the cause. Having said that, I still love my family, and I appreciate the work they do and have done to help other people. They are a big part of who I am today.

Once I turned 24 years old, I packed up and headed to Atlanta, Georgia in pursuit of my doctorate in chiropractic at Life University. Upon graduation, I relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee where I opened my first successful chiropractic clinic and began treating over 200 patients per week!

Even though it was extremely rewarding to help so many people suffering from back and neck pain, I felt I was being limited as a chiropractor. Deep down, I really believed there was so much more I could do for people in pain. So, at 31 years old, I figured out a way to merge my two degrees (sports management and chiropractic), and I opened-up my next venture with the help of my wife, Lauren, in Nashville, Tennessee.

It became clear that what we needed to separate our practice from others by doing something different. Something that would give us the freedom to help as many people as we could. The answer came to us like a bolt of lightning when our business partner, Jeff, told us about a new machine that was just being introduced to the world. It was designed to help all patients with nerve damage, since it was made to stimulate nerves for regeneration. After intense research, it became evident this machine was perfect for any clinic that specialized in nerve damage, like us.

As a small office just starting out, the machine was a huge investment. Little did we know it would change our practice, change thousands of lives, and allow us to take our practice to levels we never even dreamed.

Our first patient we treated with the machine was a day I will never forget. His full story you will find within this book.

He was a former cop who had a pile of metal in his back from many previous surgeries. And he had been living with pain ever since he hurt his back pulling a man to safety at the scene of a car accident. You could see the agony on his face every time he tried to move.

Stimulating the nerves with the new machine was his only chance. And it paid off bigtime! Within weeks, the former cop could move about pain-free. It was right then and there I knew we had something nobody else did. Suddenly, our office exploded with a rush of new patients. Word of mouth and media attention forced us to grow leaps and bounds in just six months.

Our waiting room flooded with patients, so we had to use the Hilton-Garden Inn’s lobby next door as extra space for people. Almost every person we met seemed to have a similar story. They all expressed something along the lines of “I’ve seen many doctors all throughout my life, and nothing has worked. All they do is prescribe me more pills.”

The reason I’m able to help these people is because I know exactly what they are going through. When I hurt myself back in college, I was treated the same way and told the same thing by all of the experts I talked to. It is for that reason I see a little bit of me in every patient who comes through my door.

In this book, you will find 19 true stories about real patients of mine whose names have been changed for privacy purposes.

I want those of you reading this who are in pain to know YOU are not alone. There is a way to find comfort, to be set free, and to get your life back. It is my mission to help others just as I myself was helped. We can create your own story of healing and success together. My door is always open.

Check out his website at

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