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Have you ever heard of Grant Cardone? If you are in the business world and don't know who he is, then something might be missing in your life. I'm just saying :).

Anyway, he runs one of the largest sales training platforms on the planet known as Cardone University. What's extremely interesting is HOW Cardone University became the #1 Sales Training Platform.

For years, I believed Grant started the online training platform. By created, I mean he hired programmers to create it. In fact, it was all done via a company called LIGHTSPEED VT.

A man named Brad Lea created the platform in the early 2000s and simply allows Grant to use it (along with many other business trainers like Tony Robbins, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Blair Singer).

Lightspeed is is a training solutions company that helps people/companies train people anywhere at anytime. It really is worth seeing if you are in the business field.

Training isn't something that you do once. It's something that you do every day. To stay sharp, you should always be training - training your body, mind, abilities, and spirit.

And any business coach, mentor, owner, and trainer knows that lesson very well.

That is why I take great pride in working with one of their Sales Managers named Zachary Conley. He has an upcoming book that talks about journey from poverty, to the military, to becoming a professional MMA fighter, to being a part of the Lightspeed family. The book is titled Training to Win - How to Step Into The Cage of Life and Fight Your Way To The Top.

Want to know what it's like to be trained by Randy Couture or business leaders like Grant Cardone? Find out soon in his upcoming book.


Training To Win


I had come home from school, no mom greeting me or asking me how my day went. No dad, working hard for us to put food on the table, to give me a hug when he came home from work. Just me, alone.

I entered our “home,” it was a hot day, and I saw the half finished Coca Cola bottle on the scuzzy table in my scuzzy house. I was only 6 years old, but looking back, I felt like an old worn out man. All I knew that day was that it was hot, I was thirsty, and no one was around, except for the junkies on the floor. I reached for the bottle, and ready to take a swig, when I noticed the used needle in the bottle.

That was my life, that was just another miserable day. My mom finally coming into the room. “Where were you? I’ve been looking for you! You need to clean this mess. Lazy little….” she stopped herself, for once. My life of being ordered around, yelled at. She hit me, again, harder. I ducked, I cried, I hid. Wishing I could go back to school, wishing I could have a soda. Wishing I had another life. Just six years old, surrounded by people, but completely alone.

You know, there’s this thought about life that only those who have certain advantages handed to them can succeed. I guess that’s true for some people. If you were raised in a stable family, if you grew up around good people, if you went to the right school, you probably do have a better chance of success in life. But, I also know from experience that anyone can do it. Anyone can be successful. You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. It comes down to your mindset and your plan. Your story is just a building block, it’s where you start. Where do you want to go, what do you want to achieve? If it’s something different from where you came from, or even where you are right now, then you have to have the mindset to change that path.

As I’ve talked about already, I came from nowhere. A mentally ill mom who beat me and yelled at me, in a house of junkies and squalor. Raising my little sisters and being their big brother, but also really being their dad. Coming from less than nowhere, in what many considered to be the meth capital of the United States. I had to scrape a different life together, a different future for me, my family, my children.

I did it by looking for escapes, joining the chess club, participating in team and individual sports. I learned discipline. I learned to push through pain and discomfort. I learned to give it my all, and to never give up. I learned that I was more than just a nothing from a nothing place. People started to believe in me, and I started to believe in myself. I turned my back on my sadness and fear that growing up in a house full of junkies will give you. I found positive escapes, and positive adults who did care about me, who did love me, who did believe in me.

Do you believe that you can be a success in your business, in your family life, in eyes of those you admire, and in your own eyes? If you don’t, you need to. If you stay in “nothingland,” that’s exactly where you’ll stay. You need to take what you have, find your own “escape,” and be open to learning lessons that will get you out of wherever you are. Whether that place is literal or figurative, know that anyone can achieve success, anyone can get from point A to point B. Sometimes it’s not pretty, sometimes it really just kind of sucks; but, if I can scrape myself from the bottom of the drug infested place that was my home growing up, you can put your past to your use and build a better future.

Think of it as steps that you can climb. Your previous life, your past mistakes, the negative situations that you might have gotten yourself into. Use those experiences as a step to a ladder or staircase. Let them be the foundation of your progress. Take that first step. Anyone can do it. You can do it.

My journey to where I am now was full of surprises, twists and turns, ups and downs. From joining the military, to becoming a professional fighter in mixed martial arts, to becoming one of the directors of the world’s leading virtual training platforms, I have learned some valuable lessons along the way. And since I went through it all, survived, and found a way to excel, I want to share the lessons with you.

I believe we are all in a fight in one way or another. Maybe it’s a fight to break free from our past. Maybe it’s a fight to survive the cards we have been dealt. Or maybe it’s a fight to make it to the top of your profession. Whatever it is, when you hear that door close behind you, and you look your challenge straight in the eyes, it’s time to do what you are born to do – fight.

Life is full of spectators, challenges, competition, people rooting for you, and people rooting against you. But if you want to go far in anything, you will have to step into the cage, show everyone what you got, and figure out a way to win.

This book will show you the way

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