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Storyteller Tip - Struggle and Triumph

The best storytellers in the world all know how to capture an audience's attention. More specifically, they know the greatest stories are ones that ignite the emotional core of their listeners. And the most effective way to do that is by highlighting struggle followed by triumph. Our brains are wired to be fascinated by struggle. It's in our DNA. Somehow, everyone can relate to struggle. Of course, it may vary in degrees from person to person, but we all have struggled in this world.

When I think of the most popular stories of all time like David vs Goliath, The Revolutionary War, and even movies like Rocky, they are all based on a person/persons overcoming incredible odds. Stories like those give us the ability to envision the struggle. Stories of struggle and victory give us hope when life becomes difficult. Stories like those capture imagination. Facts and figures will not do this for you. Yes, they validate a position, but it's the heartfelt dialogue of a story that will ultimately be the deciding factor if a person can be persuaded by it. Persuasion captures the heart. Statistics do not.

You want to move people to action? You want to inspire others to dream? You want to make sure that you're remembered? Tell a story that resonates. Tell a story of struggle. Tell a story of a moment when the chips were down and you came back to win. That's how you move mountains. That's how you solidify your legacy.

Make sure they remember your name when you walk away. Tell your story the right way - Struggle followed by Triumph.


Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write and publish books. Then, teaches them how to use it has the ultimate marketing tool.

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