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True Ghost Stories

DreamStarters helps entrepreneurs bring their stories to life through books. The reason I created this company is because I LOVE TRUE STORIES. Ever since I was a youngster, I have been fascinated by real life stories. If it didn't actually happen, then what could I learn from it? Well, that was how I thought.

When stories are based on true events, it adds something to the story. It makes it scarier, more exciting, and/or more inspirational.

My cousins and I would get together and tell ghost stories when we were kids. At the time, we really believed they were all TRUE stories. Of course, the realness of each story made them more fascinating. Maybe, the fact they are all BASED on true events is why I love ghost stories so much.

Last night, I went to Coffee Buddha (a coffee shop nearby) to hear a historian discuss some of the local ghost stories he has researched. Also a professor at Duquesne University, Tom White has studied Pittsburgh legends and folklore for many years. One story in particular really surprised me.

He began telling a story about a house on Highland Avenue in Pittsburgh. This caught my attention because I live on Highland Avenue!

To summarize the tale, it's about 2 brothers in the 1940s who get shipped off for the war. One of the brothers becomes a pilot and gets shot down into the ocean. However, his body is never found.

The other brother, Gus, returns from the war and moves back into the house on Highland Avenue. Thinking he is alive somewhere on an island, Gus vows to his friends and family that he will never leave the house until his brother returns.

Gus eventually dies in the house in the 1960s. As time goes by, the house is converted into a multi-unit building. Tenants begin to move in. Not long after, people begin to see a large apparition of a man walking the halls. Tenant after tenant begin to have experiences. One of the tenant explains what he saw to the neighbor who lived on the street since the 1930s. The neighbor tells the tenant that is exactly what Gus looked like. The ghost that every tenant has been seeing is Gus waiting for his brother to come home. To this day, tenants still see him.

When the story was over, I asked Tom White what house on Highland Avenue he was talking about. He said it was the house directly next to mine.

The message is this: Stories based on true events live on forever. If you want people to talk about you long after you're gone, live an incredible life. If you want them to get the story right, put it in a book. If you want to make sure the book actually gets done, call us.

We are all living a life based on true events. Make it a story worth talking about 100 years from now.

We will help you bring your story to life (for this generation... and the next.)

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