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Stay Scared - #tellyourstory

This past week, the entire "storytelling" business lost a giant in the industry, GEORGE ROMERO, died from his fight with lung cancer. In case you were living under a rock since the 1960's, George Romero was the director of the cult classics Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and many others. He is basically the man responsible for any zombie-based movie, book, or TV show. Yes, even the Walking Dead! None of that would exist without George Romero.

You might not know this, but everything that he created had a deeper meaning that what you saw on screen. What you think of as a basic slasher film, he looked at it as a way to cleverly tell a meaningful story.

For examples, Night of the Living Dead was really about racism. Dawn of the Dead was really about consumerism. When describing Day of the Dead, he said "it's a tragedy about how a lack of human communication causes chaos and collapse even in this small little pie slice of society".

The Great Storytellers entertain AND educate. They use their skills for a higher purpose. A man or woman who doesn't use what they were born to do is someone who will someday face the scariest presence ever - REGRET.

One man who knows this quite well is a client of mine named Lloyd Williams. Also known as the Doctor of MLM, Lloyd tells his story to hundreds of people every week. From humble beginnings to a Top income earner in MLM, Lloyd understands the power of story. He taught me something during our work together; HE/SHE WHO TELLS THEIR STORY THE MOST TIMES WINS.

Last week, we helped Lloyd's book, THE TABLE OF DREAMS, become a bestseller on Amazon! It was incredible to see the excitement generate on social media. I know deep down in my heart that his story will have a lasting impact on those who read it. Lloyd uses his own life experiences to entertain, educate, and inspire.

The best analogy I can think of right now (as I wait for my coffee to brew) is how everyone is born into this world with a little flicker of fire within them. The stronger the person the person becomes, the brighter that fire burns. And the most incredible piece to it all is this: A strong enough fire in a single person can actually help thousand's of other people's fires burn brighter too.

How does that happen? By sharing your story.

Lloyd Williams knows that, George Romero knew that, and every other great storyteller on the planet knows that.

I don't care what you're goals are in life, if you are afraid to speak up and show people who you really are, then you will never be taken seriously.

Do you want to change the movie business like George? Do you want to revolutionize the MLM business like Lloyd? Or do you just want to live your life, your way.

Start Telling Your Story. It might be scary, but regret is much scarier.

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