Every great leader, author, entrepreneur, and human being stands for something. Maybe it's a deep rooted belief, a higher purpose, a calling, a mission, a need to have their story be heard.

Tangible items such as money, cars, houses, buildings, and products will slowly disappear, but a story will live on forever.

I ask myself one important question every time I meet a person I want to do business with and/or study. That question is this: WHAT DOES THIS PERSON STAND FOR?

The answer to that question is found within their backstory. Sometimes, I find what I am looking for. Sometimes, I don't.

If the story doesn't make sense (or if they are hiding something), my attention goes elsewhere.

A few years ago, I watched a documentary about Van Morrison. Within the film they interviewed another famous musician and asked him a very simple question:

"Who was the best songwriter, Bob Dylan or Van Morrison?"

Both of these music legends are two of my favorites, so I was pretty blown away with his response:

He answered "Bot