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Mike Fallat Facebook Live 7.6.17 (Create Your Own Documentary)

Chapter 13

Find Your Randy Rhoads

I am a big fan of documentaries, history, and true events. I always take something away from stories that actually happened. Years ago, I watched a documentary about the famous musician Ozzy Osbourne. One of the things that I found pretty incredible was how he came to be who he is AFTER he was kicked out of Black Sabbath.

We all know that many musicians live life with the “sex, drugs,and rock n’ roll” mentality. But, Ozzy Osbourne took that ideology to the next level. He was known for his off-stage newsworthy actions just as much as he was for his music. Here is the guy that bit the head off a bat in order to make headlines.

As the band became more and more popular, Ozzy began doing more and more drugs. This caused a rift between him and other band members and eventually led to his ousting from Black Sabbath.

Some people realize failure in business, but I couldn’t imagine being disbanded from something monumental that I helped create.

After his dismissal from the band, Ozzy said he had very little desire to keep playing. He was ready to quit and give it all up. Producers and friends were helping him get his own band together, but his heart was not in it.

Then a man named Randy Rhoads, a guitarist with Quiet Riot at the time came in to audition for him. Ozzy said he immediately knew the guy offered something more than all of the others that he met.

Randy's abilities took Ozzy’s voice in different directions, giving him more creativity and freedom with his vocals Not only did he add a much needed ingredient, but he also rejuvenated Ozzy’s desire to keep playing music. Ozzy said his love came back for the industry when Randy came onboard.

Their work together created true magic and soon they were back at the top of the music charts. Eventually Ozzy’s success would surpass the level he had accomplished with his prior band.

It's pretty amazing how the right combination of people, out of luck, fate, or timing, can transcend an idea, business, or moment, to a different level.

Entrepreneurship has taught me many things, but undoubtedly it has taught me one major lesson:

Nothing amazing can be done alone.

When you realize your weaknesses, you will know it’s time to add someone to your team. Find the right one. Find your Randy Rhoads.

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