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Helped By Grant Cardone (Guest Blog By Brian Sharpe)

Today's Guest Blog is by Brian Sharpe - CEO and Founder of

Honestly, this article is to give a complete shout out to Grant Cardone. Sir, you have changed my life more than you know. I plug your book to everyone that will listen. You completely changed the way I was doing my business. “If I am the problem, then I can be the solution.” I can change me. I am not in control of others. My actions will be focused on my goals and success.

“Success is my duty, obligation, and responsibility.” Knowing this made me get off my ass and take action. I am the one that is failing. I am responsible. Not anyone else. This is very powerful and makes you understand that you have to start taking the right actions. I was taking action, but I was focused on drinking. When I switched that focus to success, everything started to change. (it is really this simple).

If you have not read the book 10X, please go buy it. It will explain, in more detail, what I am talking about. Grant’s philosophy on life is a take no prisoners mentality. He wants to dominate whatever he is doing. Competition is not what we are after, domination is.

10X, in a nutshell, is the system that you can use to become successful at anything. It will have you prepared for any situation in life. If you have goals, make them 10 times what you are thinking right now. But know, that it will take 10 times more money, time, energy, and effort to make those goals.

So my goal in internet marketing was to make an extra $1000 per month. Going by the 10X system, I changed that to $10k per month.

This was more money than I have every made in a month. I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew my goal. So, anything that got me closer to that goal, that is was I did.

Make it happen in your life. Get your head out of your ass and move. You need to write down your goals. Keep them in front of you. If you have a set back, look at the goals. You need to focus some attention now, but mainly on the future. This, to me, was like believing in the unseen. More like faith. I had faith that I was going to make it. AND I DID!!!!!!!

This book is 2nd to only the bible in my life. It has taught me so much about the life I had and the life I was going to have. Not only are you bound by nothing in life, you have unlimited recourses, if you take advantage. You don’t have money, well you have energy. Get off you ass and go do something.

Hustle… make yesterday a memory and today a new beginning. Start right now on your dreams. Do not wait. Action will get you out of your funk. I promise it will.

Thank you Uncle G for your efforts towards changing peoples lives. You are a true visionary in your field and have motivated me to change my life for the better. 10X is my new life goal. God Bless you for your words.

About the Author -

Brian Sharpe

Brian is a father of four amazing kids (ages 5, 3, 2, and 6 months) and husband to his beautiful wife, Angela, the rock in their family. Brian grew up in the lower middle class with parents who worked all the time. With their strong work ethics, they instilled in him the value of hard work and the middle class mindset. He was taught that life meant getting a good education, a well-paying job, spending 40 years of your life committing to it, then retiring to your nest egg.

He took value to what he gained at a young age and instead used his skills to turn those plans around. Brian has always been passionate about helping others realize their true potential, so he learned to use social media to express himself and share motivation with others. His goal since the beginning was to work at his biggest desire; freedom.

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