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The Edge Of Greatness

In the corporate world, I started to lose my drive. I started to get slow. I started to give up. I started to lose THAT EDGE.

Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is the survival of the fittest. The market determines the winners and losers. Not your parents, not your boss, not your degree on the wall. The market determines if you're good enough.

How you deal with adversity will decide if you're a winner BEFORE you actually win. It's an ongoing mental struggle, but it sharpens your instincts along the way.

There's no magic potion that makes you sharp in the business world. It is an acquired sense that you pick up along the way. The harder the road, the more you learn. Different beginnings, different industries, different connections will all play a factor.

One of the best take-a-ways any experience can give you is CONFIDENCE. Few qualities in life are sought after as much confidence. It's that feeling you get when anything pops up in your life that is challenging, but you don't sweat, don't worry, and tell yourself "I got this".

Look at some of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport - Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquaio, Roberto Duran, Rocky Marciano. The list goes on and on. What do they all have in common? They all come from nothing. Very poor beginnings. Now, do you think that has something to do with their success? Of course it does. They all had an "edge" to them. Some call it the EDGE OF GREATNESS.

Humble beginnings can give you a hunger and a thirst unlike anything else. Yes, it might make your climb steeper and longer, but the climb will make you sharper than the rest. No matter what happened in the ring, they already knew they could handle it. Fighting to live was in their blood. It was ingrained in their DNA. They were fighters. They were survivors. All because their climb was not easy from the very beginning.

That is why I never pray for an easy path. I pray for ability and time to make it.

I don't want to be the furthest on the climb. I want to be the strongest. If you know you can handle anything, then you no one and nothing to fear... ever.

Let's look at the Pittsburgh Penguins for a moment. Their team has suffered many crazy injuries, went to back to back game 7's, and have been to the big game before and lost. If that doesn't teach you adversity, nothing will.

Strength is the product of adversity combined with will-power. So, no matter what challenge comes your way, it might just be a test. It might just be there to make you better. It might just be making you stronger. It might just be making your story that much better.

Since I get to help entrepreneurs write bestselling books for a living, I get to read so many incredible stories. It's a common theme: Adversity has made these people very strong. Now, they get to help others who are going through similar situations.

There might be no greater gift to the world than using your story to pull others up and help them accomplish their own climb.

You acquired that EDGE for a reason. Don't lose it. Embrace it. Use it.

...And I can't wait to read about it someday.

Go Pens,




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