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Start Growing or Start Dying


The moment you stop growing, you start dying.

Whether it's your career, business, relationships, personally, etc, if you are not pushing to grow, then you are declining . It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you are standing still. However, there is no such thing as standing still. We are either moving forward or moving backwards. Nothing (that is alive) every remains the same.

I try to read everyday (even if it's just for 10 minutes), because it feeds my mind. I reach out to new people everyday to feed my network. I contact people everyday to see if I can help them write and publish a bestselling book because it feeds my business.

My mom always had flowers on the back porch, in front of the house, and all around lawn when I was growing up. I would see her outside pulling weeds and watering the flowers every day. She loved it. It was her passion.

Of course, as the weather became cold, the plants all died. No sunlight, wrong temperature, and lack of water will kill the tomato plant every time (I know from experience unfortunately). Flowers stay alive because of how much they are cared for AND due to the environment that they exist. When a person stops taking care of them or the environment turns bad, only bad things will happen.

Our careers, businesses, relationships, and people are like those flowers in my mom's garden. Once you stop trying in any of those sections of your life, expect the life inside of it to whither away.

The things that grow in this world are the things we care about. They are the things we pay attention to.

Now that I help people get their stories down on paper and into bestselling books, I see people start to connect the dots between their lives and businesses. They realize their life's story is a key piece to their business. The more they grow their life, social circle, and boldness, it only helps their business grow.

If you think as your life as one giant book, think of all the chapters that you were really growing. Now, think of all the chapters that you started to drift backwards. Which chapters are more fun to read?

The chapter you are in right now isn't over. If it's going well, keep feeding it. If it's bad, START feeding it. START paying attention to it. START caring about it.

After all, I want to read it some day.

(Mom, if you are reading this, thanks for taking care of me and paying attention to me. I'll never stop growing because of you)

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