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What We Want VS. Don't Want

This week's Book of the Week - Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power, is filled with some incredible stories. I hope you are reading it along with us.

In today's particular sections of the book, Tony talks about the importance of your belief system. He talks about how everyone is hard-wired to believe things; what is and isn't possible.

He mentions how many people envision themselves FAILING before they even attempt a certain task. By seeing yourself fail before you begin, you subtly are telling your mind it is OK to take the route of failure. It gives your brain a track to follow. Failure, rejection, loss, mediocrity, being average, scraping by, and loss of control are examples of pathways people give themselves everyday.

Do you ever notice how some people seem to keep smiling even when things don't go their way, yet, they figure out a way to win in the end? Then, there are people who give up and run for the hills at the first sign of defeat letting it tear them up inside. It all comes down how you program, or reprogram your mind and change your belief system.

The story in the book talks about Karl Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas. They were a team of acrobats who traveled the world for many years, stunning crowds with their high-flying stunts. Karl never considered the possibility of failure. Falling was not part of his mental makeup. The only pathway in his mind was success ever since he was a kid.

Then, one day he began telling his wife that he started to see himself falling. For the first time, he had begun to consistently give himself a representation of failing to succeed. Three months later, he fell to his death.

Some people would say he had a premonition. Others will say he gave his brain a new path to follow - a path that accepted failure and led to death.

In 2013, I was completely lost. I was miserable. One of my businesses failed, I had to take a job in the corporate world to pay off debt, and my real estate investments began to wear me down.

That time of confusion was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. In the time of defeat, I started to think about why I failed. I realized I had failed because my thinking was wrong. My belief system limited my success. My brain was telling me the entire time "If I had more money, born into a wealthier family, had more connections, I would have made it!". I gave myself an excuse and a way out. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The reason I failed was because I did not offer enough value in my business.

It was in that moment that I changed. I started thinking:

My definition of success is about adding value to people and places around me. It's not OK to fail at that! I will rise out of this slump and become a man of value. Then, and only then, can my dream of writing a bestselling book, speaking at seminars, and helping other entrepreneurs will become a reality.

I changed pathways in my mind. I began focusing only on what I wanted and would stop at nothing to accomplish it. Every action from that point on had to do with making that vision come true.

Giving yourself an excuse of not accomplishing something is putting your life on the wrong path. If you think of failure, failure will definitely come. If you expect to win, your smile will never leave.

Are you on the right path? Is your belief system holding you back?

Remember, your vision will come true. Just make sure you are thinking of the right outcome.


Mike Fallat is the founder of DreamStarters University which helps entrepreneurs write and publish bestselling books. Then, teaches them how to use it as the ultimate marketing tool to grow their dream business.

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