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National Puppy Day

Wait a second, there is a nationally recognized day intended to be completely devoted to your dog? I thought that was every day!

I have always loved dogs. As a kid, I would come home from school and try to cause trouble with the family dog BUDDY.

To be honest, not much has changed since I was 7 years old. The only difference is that the family dog nowadays is only concerned with 2 things: 1) food and 2) the mailman.

Last night at the Motivation Unleashed Seminar, I showed a picture of my nephew beagle on the projector screen. Did it have anything to do with motivation? Well, sort of.

(few pictures from last night)

I did it for two reasons. First of all, he is a part of me. He is important to me. When my mind is a pile of mush from the difficulties of entrepreneurship, he will get my mind off my troubles very quickly.

The other reason comes down to authenticity. I want the audience to know what kind of person I am. Everyday, I talk to authors or potential authors about telling their story ALL THE WAY. The more transparent and authentic you are in telling your story, the easier it will be to find the right audience. More importantly, it will be easier for the audience to judge whether you are worth listening to or not.

Stories are meant to be shared. It's selfish to keep the lessons you have learned all to yourself.

Just remember, when you tell your story, don't hold back. It's your story. It might not have started the way you wanted it to start, but it can end the way you want it to end.

So, as you post the picture of your cute pup on facebook, remember that you are telling your story. You are telling the world what is important to you. Now, do the same for your business. People buy from people of which they can relate.

If a dog is a part of your life, why hide it? Your story, your authenticity, and your business will only suffer if you don't tell the whole story.

In honor of this glorious holiday, here is the one they call Palzy:

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