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GGG Won The Way He Needed To Win

As an entrepreneur, I often compare starting a business to boxing. Starting a business is a constant battle (internally and externally) and most of the training is never seen by anyone.

This past weekend was the Golovkin vs. Jacobs battle and much like everyone else, I was looking for a knockout. Unfortunately, it never happened. GGG got the win and I think he won in the way he needed to win.

GGG has been getting dodged left and right from top competition due to the simple fact of him being a knockout force. People like Canelo Alvarez, another great fighter, did not want any piece of him.

GGG might not have got the KO in his fight against Jacobs, but I think he got exactly what he wanted - a chance to fight Canelo. Now, Canelo might think GGG is not the scary fighter that everyone has been promoting. Maybe Canelo has a great chance of beating him easily. Maybe the mystique of GGG is gone forever.

Whatever it is, I think the Jacobs fight brought down the walls that surrounded GGG.

Because of that fight and its lackluster ending, I believe we will see GGG vs Canelo.

I am constantly preaching positioning and leverage to my clients at In order to get what you want in life, you have to position yourself the right way. That's exactly what a book does for entrepreneurs.

Did GGG just position himself to get exactly what he wants? I believe so.

Was it on purpose? We will never know.

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