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I live by a very simple philosophy: Make Your Parents Proud, Make Your Enemies Remember You, And Make Your Life A Story Worth Reading.

I believe we all have a story that is worth sharing. The sad part is that only a few stories ever get to be heard.

Most people will accept the life that falls into their lap and will never branch out of their comfort zone to experience the scary, yet rewarding unknowns. Most people will keep their story all to themselves because they are too afraid for others to hear it. Most people will hide behind a curtain of comfort so they never have to try.

I used to be like most people, but I am not anymore. You see, I never tried in school for the mere fact that I just didn't care.

I only started to try when I turned 23 year old and realized I was destined to create my own path in life.

Now, it just seems foolish to go through life and NOT try (in any part of my life). I don't care what it is, if I am spending time on it then I will try.

Time is limited and death is waiting. So, entertain him with an exciting life.

Just Try.

Below are pictures of Mike Fallat when he visited Laroche College for the AMERICAN ENTREPRENEUR SEMINAR.

The Seminar featured special guest speakers Donald Sawyer and Daniel Michael.

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