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Startup Business Tip - Inspiration is Everywhere

I might be in the minority here, but I'm a guy that doesn’t want to know the future. To see how it all ends would simply take too much fun and surprise out of the road ahead. Think about the days of riding La Cachot at Kennywood in your childhood. The expectation to be surprised is what drew you to wait in that 40-minute line, right? The way I see it, if the ride was soft and predictable then it simply wouldn’t be worth my time.

Starting a business is not much different. To wake up and have it all in the very beginning would take a lot of the joy out of earning it. We become entrepreneurs in order to create something special, to build something of value, and to leave something that keeps producing long after we exit this world. However, it takes an immense amount of inspiration to keep willing yourself towards the finish line day in and day out. Inspiration can come from anywhere. It could come from the next song you hear on the radio, the content you read throughout the day, that person you look up to, or even that dream you had last night.

When a person feels inspired, they are compelled to take action. And that is why you must be able to find inspiration throughout each day - even in the unlikeliest of place.

One of my favorite musicians, Tom Petty, has a song that he wrote titled Casa Dega. In an interview, he was asked about the story behind the song and what inspired him to write it. Tom began telling a story about a small town in Florida he traveled through many years ago. It was community, in which the main industry in the town was psychics/fortune tellers. He found it interesting that the main source of revenue for the town came from telling visitors about the future. Not only did he think it was a unique path to take in life, he also found it extremely inspiring for a large group of people to collectively devote their lives to a specific craft. I love the song, but I might love the story behind it more.

Stories like this reassure us how inspiration can come from anywhere.

When a person takes something from everyday life that inspires them and uses it to create something else that inspires others, we call that being an artist. You might not be able to write a song or sing like Tom, but you as an entrepreneur can create. And everything you create will be seen by someone else.

Remember, you never know who is watching. More importantly, you never know who you are inspiring. I do believe the ones who go furthest in life know what they want, but don’t want to know how it all ends. Unless you live in Casa Dega, you might not be able to see the future, but deep down you know the ride ahead isn’t soft. It’s not predictable. And it’s worth the wait - just the way any real entrepreneur wants it.

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