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Startup Business Tip - Define Yourself

A beautiful saying I've heard throughout my life is "Never trust a man who doesn't have a dark side". I believe in it, but not for the reasons you might think. You see, I grew up watching tons of movies and listening to all genres of music. It seems the songs and movies that connect with people are the ones that are about struggle and hard times. I'm guessing it's because most people can relate to some type of struggle in his/her life. And when you think about, what would any good story be without it?

In Jon Acuff's book titled "Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters", he discusses the 4 pieces of every great story -

1) Innocence

2) Innocence Lost

3) Coping with Loss

4) Resolution

In my opinion, it’s the "Coping with loss" and “Resolution” parts that separate the winners from the losers. Some fighters take a loss pretty badly. Instead of going back into the gym to train harder, they find themselves sitting at the bar telling themselves they won’t try that again.

It is only in your lowest point that you find out everything you want to know about yourself. In fact, it’s how you respond is what defines you.

Much like picking a teammate in hockey, I want to do business with someone who has had it tough. I want to because that’s what I know. Deep down, I know when something gets extremely challenging, I can count on the “dark” that lingers inside to help me overcome what is in front of me. It’s important to have that extra gear when it really counts.

This subject is brought to light in a great book/movie titled "The Count Of Monte Cristo". Some may say the book is about a prison break. Others may say it’s about revenge. But, I believe it’s a lesson about using what you acquire throughout life and combining with what has always been inside of you for the sole purpose of righting every wrong.

I will never forget the false promises made to me throughout my life. I will never forget when my former employer went out of his way to try holding me back in life. I will never forget the feeling of sitting in my office in 2012 and realizing the first startup I was a part of was going to fail.

All of it helped define exactly who I wanted to become in life. For that, I am eternally grateful for anything that stands in my way.

The next time someone or something tries to stop you from crossing your own personal finish line, just remember to be The Count that lingers inside each and every entrepreneur -

take what’s inside of you and combine it with what you acquire along your journey so you can right all the wrongs. After all, it’s how you respond is what defines you.

Entrepreneurship is about looking in the mirror and saying “this is who I am”.

Well then, who are you?

I talk a lot about the mental game of entrepreneurship because I believe that is more than half the battle. The other half comes down to strategy, judgment, and knowing the right people. That is why we created Dream Starters. For a free consultation, please contact us.

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