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Startup Business Tip - Take Your Time

#‎Startup‬ ‪#‎Business‬ ‪#‎Tip‬ - Take Your Time

The older I get, I am able to see the the power and importance of taking my time on the things that I value. It is far too often we want to rush through life and to get to the finish line that we often do not enjoy it. Starting a business is one of the greatest teachers when it comes to this subject.

Starting a business takes commitment. We start businesses because we love being in control of our own destiny. And because we love (and hopefully we are great at) the field that we choose. So, why do we want rush through it and see the finish line?

Like a painter who truly enjoys painting, he/she brushes each stroke as if its life or death. The painting might not for sale. It might not be put in a gallery. It might only be hung on his/her wall. However, every time that person walks by it, they will appreciate it so much more. This phenomenon is what makes ownership (of anything) so attractive. We take care of, spend time on, and enjoy things that is ours.

Make no mistake about it, the business that you create is yours. In a similar fashion as to when you buy a house and begin to put your own ideas into it, then it becomes yours(and an extension of you). When you write a song and put your own words to a chord pattern, it becomes yours. In business development, every new idea that you implement, every customer that you make happy,and every slight accomplishment is yours to own, So, take your time on it and enjoy it. If you do most of the steps correctly, the lessons learned and the business itself will be with you for a very long time.

By "Take Your Time", I mean it on the big things - the end goal, customer satisfaction, financial decisions, etc.. There will definitely be tasks that you must speed through and you will want to speed through. Mostly because they hold very little bearing on your future, but also because they are awful tasks that require little thought. I can attest to some of the things that you will need to get done without taking a lot of time. For example, when I couldn't afford garbage service years ago. I would have to load up trash in my Honda Accord in the middle of the night and disperse it throughout the city without being caught. However, within that same time period, I was putting together business plans to present to angel groups asking for potential large investments. You see, some things you spend a lot of time on and some things you do not.

Just as it is important to feel the urgency of getting started on your dream business, it is just as important to take your time once you have it up and running. By making sure each brush stroke is made with complete focus and attention, you can walk by it and smile every time.

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