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Startup Business Tip - Content Quality Defeats Quantity

Most small businesses believe they need to constantly make blog posts, social media posts, tweets, email blasts, updates to website, video segments, new offers, etc. to stay relevant. This is not true. By doing this, they tend to water down the message they are trying to send. It becomes noise rather than useful knowledge. If it is noise, it will be forgotten, ignored, and/or could make the customer stop wanting to hear the message you are trying to get across to them. Content quality assures a company's relevancy to the customer's wants and needs. If you want to be heard and understood, make sure the content doesn't waste the customer's time and energy.

If you are constantly posting high quality material, it will engage the customer/potential customer at a more successful rate. Then, content QUANTITY is great and it will absolutely work in your favor. Your target market will be excited to hear from you. This will increase the likelihood that your viewers will refer other people to your business. Quantity is beneficial only if the material is of high quality. Remember, word of mouth is the #1 way small businesses turn a flame into a fire. It's hard enough to get a person's attention. Do not lose their attention with a message that is that is unclear and not helpful to your ultimate goal. Give them your undivided thought, useful information about what you offer, and why their life will be better if they hear your message. Doing this will increase viewership and demand for what you have to offer.

Everyone wins.


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