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2016 - The Year of NO REGRETS

One of my favorite Tom Petty songs is "The stories we could tell". It always reminds me of why I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The truth is that I wanted to experience life in its entirety. Entrepreneurship is my way of accomplishing that mission. The difficult path a business owner takes will provide stories, lessons, and experiences that will never end.

When I meet with people that are looking to start their first business, I see a common trait that is difficult to explain to the non risk-takers. The look in their eyes says it all. They are hungry for more in lfe, bored with their current employment, and ready to take action. Deep down, I believe they fear the same thing I do: To have some feeling of regret for not going all out for their dream.

I tell these people that there is no guarantee to become a millionaire, but that feeling of regret for not trying will cost you a lot more than money in the end.

2016 is one month away. Let's make it the year of no regrets. More importantly, make sure it's a story worth telling.

Helpful Tip # 9 - Be competitive (with yourself).

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