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What do you want your obituary to say?

A recent study of U.S. workers between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five found that more than two-thirds were not energized by their jobs, more than a third felt they were in a dead-end job and more than half of the workers felt no passion for their work.

That is saying that half the people I know have no passion for their work. That is very scary.

As an entrepreneur, I like to use fear in a positive way. I truly am afraid to regret ANYTHING when I am older. That is what drives my "take action" mentality. It is the SOUL (pun intented) purpose of why I choose to be an entrepreneur over an easier path.

To love what I do, to make a difference, and to be in charge of my own destiny financially are the other top reasons. My clients usually share the same view.

Today is Halloween. It's a holiday that began from many fortuitous events, but one of the central missions of Halloween is to feel the thrill of being scared. Like many, I absolutely love it! I use the energy of this time of year to create memories that last.

Halloween is believed to be the day when the veil between the living and dead is thinnest. It's about remembering the ghosts from the past. That is why I feel it is a perfect time to ask: "How do you want to be remembered?".

When a client asks me how to write a personal mission statement, I believe it's better to look at how you want to be remembered rather than what you want to accomplish. By doing this, it creates some of the most accurate, honest, and hilarious mission statements. It sounds strange, but writing your own obituary will change how you live in a great way.

Here's mine -

Michael Fallat, (born August 10th, 1984) a successful entrepreneur, author, and public speaker died last night when he ran inside a burning building to save a thousand dogs from danger. He is survived by his family, his friends, his dog, and his wife - the only person to see the full potential of his hopeless romantic side. Mike was known to risk everything and to put it all on the line for what he believed was right.. and for the thrill of the adventure. He traveled extensively in his Jeep and was able to see the world. He was best known for helping thousands of businesses thrive and succeed via Dream Starters. Mike was a fighter til the end and never lost his thirst for life. He loved riding motorcycles and writing 3-chord songs. The numerous girls he dated in his life religiously texted Mike "Happy Birthday, I miss you" every August 10th. He contributed great amounts to Animal Friends, Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs, Make-A-Wish and many other organizations. Mike was a great friend and family man. He would do anything for them. As a graduate of Duquesne University, he frequently visited with students and teachers to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship. One of his greatest achievements was being asked to provide input on business development and job creation by President Trump back in 2017.

Mike was rushed to the hospital wearing a scapular and a Social Distortion t-shirt. His last words were "see you in the next world."


I really hope it's something like that.

What do you want your obituary to say?

Now, use the fear inside in a positive way and make it happen.

Happy Halloween!

Send your "How I want to be remembered obituaries" to and I'll post them on here

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