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Today, Mike Fallat is going to tell you 5 REASONS WHY BEING A SOLO ENTREPRENEUR SUCKS, and what you can do about it!

1. It's all on YOU. All the work is yours and yours alone. Marketing, networking, social media... your focus is spread thin. The little details start fogging the vision of the long term goal. Open your eyes a little wider, build your perspective on the ground level but keep your vision of the sky.

2. Accountability. "I'm not going to do that today because nobody else will notice," is a common mindset as a solo entrepreneur. You have to hold yourself accountable to achieve these short and long-term goals, or find someone that will.

3. Hire people that can pick up the slack from your weaknesses. Hire a team that's strengths combined with yours gives your business the quality and speed it needs to thrive!

4. Credibility. Showing your audience that other people trust you will help THEM trust you.

5. Image. Show your face to the public! How can you be fake if these people are physically seeing you, seeing your character?

Get your book written and marketed through DreamStarters in 30 DAYS OR LESS, START FROM ZERO TODAY!

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