Perfectionism will kill your book

mike-fallat - perfectionism-1

You might think that wanting to be perfect is a good thing. It's not. Especially not in business.

Let's get one thing straight - Perfection is unattainable. Probably, that is because quality (in anything) is subjective.

All I do is study why people are successful in comparison to others. I am seeing that the most successful people on this planet are not perfectionists at all. They seek excellence, but above all they only seek results.

And there is a big difference between results and perfection. In a sense, people hold themselves back from starting that business, finishing that book, or going after what they really want. Why? Because they want it to be perfect.

That want becomes their fall-back excuse. It becomes the reason they hold off from finishing anything in their life.

You want to know something about the world? No one care how hard you try. They only care about what you produce. Harsh words to hear, I know.

Let's look at someone I think we all know: GRANT CARDONE.

I want you to read his first book. There are major problems with his writing from start to finish. But, did that hurt him? No. Because he understands the golden rule - Done is better than perfect.